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Each Dog and Handler are working against the clock and towards points, as they maneuver 3 head of cattle through an obstacle course. Each time an animal passes through an obstacle they make points. We joined this year with 2 other trials and are happy to announce this year we have a BC series. We will be hosting the last trial of the 3, and will be presenting prizes for Aggregate in each division over the 3 trials. (Previous trials include Armstrong April 20-21 2024 and Clinton June 15th & 16th)

There are 5 different events all working towards the aggregate of the trial.

Nursery: Dogs born after Oct 1st 2021. (Making them 3yrs or under)
Novice: The handler and the dog are both novice.
Intermediate: The Handler or Dog is a Pro, and the other is a novice.
Open: This is where both Handler and Dog are Pro.
Junior/Youth: 12 and under
Top dog will receive beautiful prizes for each division.

This trial is triple sanctioned by the BCSDA BC Stock Dog Assn, CCDA Canadian Cattle Dog Assn & MSCDA Mountain States Cattledog Association. 

Competition will be limited to 40 dogs total. Entries will be open until July 20th. Contact Brenda by clicking below for more details. (Starts at 9:00AM)


Raised at That’ll Do Ranch central Alberta by my parents Elvin and Jan Kopp. This is where my love for Border Collies was born and blossomed. My Dad competed in Stock dogs all my growing up years and taught clinics all over North America. To say I have attended a few is a understatement! As a young teen I competed some with my great dog Jill and had success. But Rodeo and speed took over my competition bug. Wyatt and I married in 2005 and started Creed Ranch followed by our 4 kids Blazen Bristol ,Luvada and Sequoia.
We have always had amazing working dogs both Cattle and sheep working together with That’ll Do . A year and a half ago the desire of so many people was to have consistent lessons and I stepped up. Now I teach weekly clinics with about 20 students that we have taken a group from pups to competing competitively in both sheep and cattle. This has got me back out on the trial field. The success has been huge as a Creed Ranch Team! Some of my training fundamentals are.

– Understanding your working dogs mind.
– Consistent and fair correction.
– Being a team.
– Timing! Pressure and release.
– Setting goals and dreaming big. (your big may be bringing sheep in at night and others may be to win the world)
I look forward to working with you and enjoying these amazing dogs!

Lindsey Kuefler. (Starts at 9:00AM)

Brenda – 778 208 7513
Jessica – 250 318 9539
Or click below to email.

Lindsey Kuefler Sheep Dog Clinician
Labrador dog agility

Agility Demo

Agility is a game for the handler and dog to transverse through an obstacle course without any faults and within a set time and we will be demonstrating necessary skills and abilities required to compete. Come down to the Agriplex on Saturday to watch our agility demonstration and don't miss your opportunity to sign you and your dog up for more agility instruction taking place the following Sunday also in the Agriplex.

Search & Rescue Demo

Canine or K9 handlers are a group of professional search and rescue dog teams throughout BC that are validated by the RCMP. Search dog teams undergo a rigorous process to qualify as a member of a search and rescue team in British Columbia. Some roles search dog teams perform include missing person searching and tracking as well as searching for evidence in crimes. Check out a demonstration at Dogs With Jobs.

search and rescue dog german shepherd
anxiety, coming soon, waiting-1790133.jpg


Check back for more info.

Drug Detection Demo

Kamloops K9 Search & Rescue will be demonstrating skills and abilities and how it applies to drug detection jobs throughout BC.

Drug Dog
Dog Pulling

Dog Pulling Demo

A former BC stock dog novice cow dog champion and Top Dog Event pro-novice cow dog champion has trained her two dogs for the harness to pull a chore sled for spring, summer, and fall, plus a kick sled for winter exercise and fun. A demonstration will explain the training process. Come meet Cinch and Tack at Dogs With Jobs Saturday & Sunday at the Barriere Agriplex.

Kamloops Gun Dog Demo

Will demonstrate a hunt test scenario. utilizing blinds. Watch as our dog will heel and mark bumpers thrown from behind the blind, the dog will retrieve from 3 marks. Additionally we will perform a blind retrieve, from an unknown mark. The dog will listen and respond to whistles, hand gestures in order to be guided to the bumpers.

Gun Dog
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Trade Show

A number of vendors will be present such as Watt Ranch, The Local of Louis Creek Artisan Market, K33 Kreations, and more to show various new and unique products that apply to a rural community. Don't miss your chance to check out something new! If you are interested in becoming a vendor or participating in the tradeshow, please download the form below.

(Starts at 9:00AM)